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New at Kegshoe | October Updates

By Nick Amador on October 28, 2022

We’ve been hard at work on new features and updates over the last few months, focused on improving your Kegshoe experience. Freshness, maintenance, sanitization, reporting, and more – there’s plenty to cover.

Check out our release highlights for the month of October below:

Keg Tracking

🗺 Tap Map: Reimagined

Keep customers up-to-date on product availability across licensee locations using our all-new Tap Map, redesigned with improved visuals, functionality, and performance.

Kegshoe Tap Map

🍺 Freshness Reporting

With a batch expiration date or product life expectancy inputted, you can monitor kegs through various freshness states, including fresh, nearing stale, and stale.

Kegshoe Freshness Reporting

⚙️ Individual Unit Edits

You can now modify a container size, change label assignments, and adjust notes from the edit modal on any individual unit page.

Kegshoe Unit Edits

🧽 Sanitization Insights

You’ll soon be able to differentiate between Standard and Acid Wash Clean types with improved cleaning functionality on mobile and web. Monitor cleanliness over time from our all-new Sanitization Report.

Kegshoe Unit Sanitization

🚀 Platform-Wide Updates

35+ platform improvements and optimizations have been introduced since our last update, including feature updates, performance enhancements, and bug squashes.

Kegshoe Dashboard

Kegshoe Smart Monitoring

🛰 Smart Monitoring: Now Live

From monitoring product and distribution quality to powering brewery sales, Kegshoe Smart Monitoring is redefining the relationship between beverage makers and their products.

The North American rollout of our platform is currently underway, and will expand in the coming months. Current Kegshoe customers are receiving priority access – contact us to learn more.