Kegshoe + Binary smart keg tracking
KegLink smart sensor

Powerful monitoring

KegLink™ sensors monitor each keg’s location, temperature, movement, and tapped-to-empty consumption — with coast-to-coast connectivity.

Smart kegs with IoT sensors

Built for steel

Reliable next-gen sensors built to last. Theft- and tamper-resistant. Easy to install, with no soldering required.

Kegshoe software

Insights Engine

The Kegshoe-connected Insights Engine turns the raw data into actionable product quality, sales, and fleet optimization insights.

From smart data to smart decisions.

Powered on technology trusted worldwide by breweries, distributors, wineries, roasters, cideries

Reimagine what your kegs can do.

Automated keg pick-up notifications; tank-to-glass quality traceability; draught sales insights and forecasting with consumption tracking; minimized keg deposits with live location, improved sustainability with waste reduction, and more.

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Modernize your keg fleet. Now available in North America.

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