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Trusted partners in keg logistics and brewery management

Through our trusted Partners network, beverage producers can find software, services, and equipment that work seamlessly with Kegshoe’s leading keg tracking and CRM platform.

Software & Integrations

Streamlined workflows. Seamless integrations.

Kegshoe works with leading brewery management solutions, enterprise resource planning (ERP) platforms, and other software providers to build seamless integrations, allowing you to enhance your keg management without disrupting your operations.

Is there an integration you’d love to see? Let us know.

Keg Manufacturers

Compatibility with every kind of keg.

Kegshoe has tested kegs from leading manufacturers to ensure that our keg tracking system works with kegs of all shapes, sizes, and materials. Some keg manufactures also feature laser-etched Data Matrix codes, which allow for easy scanning with the Kegshoe app — no setup required.

Beer kegs tracked with Kegshoe Keg Tracking and QR code labels

Keg Suppliers

Track your whole fleet. Rented, leased, or owned.

Kegshoe has established relationships with leading keg suppliers to ensure you can start tracking your kegs — old and new — from day one.

Looking for new kegs? Kegshoe customers benefit from exclusive discounts with leading suppliers in the U.S.A. and Canada.

Communities and Associations

Supporting the industry.

Kegshoe is proud to be a member and supporter of various industry associations across North America and internationally.

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