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La Rana Dorada

In the multifaceted world of brewing and distillation, managing diverse operations and distribution channels can present significant challenges. La Rana Dorada, a dynamic brewery, distillery, and soda brand based in Panama, found a streamlined solution to their logistical complexities with Kegshoe. With the implementation of Kegshoe, La Rana Dorada experienced a transformative leap forward in efficiency and inventory management.

Brewery Dynamics and Pre-Kegshoe Challenges

La Rana Dorada's unique setup encompasses a brewery, a distillery, and a soda brand, each with its own distinct footprint in the market. With 10 pubs, two rum bars, and a growing number of partner establishments, including a collaboration with industry giant Heineken, the logistics of production and distribution became increasingly complex. Before integrating Kegshoe, the brewery relied heavily on manual methods, primarily Excel spreadsheets to track their kegs. However, as their business expanded, so did the complexity of their logistical operations. The lack of visibility into keg movements led to logistical headaches, including misplaced kegs and difficulties in meeting production demands as they were always hunting down their shells. The situation demanded a modern solution that could streamline operations and provide real-time insights into inventory management.

Kegshoe's Transformational Impact

The adoption of Kegshoe marked a pivotal moment for La Rana Dorada. With its intuitive interface and robust features, Kegshoe offered a tailored solution to address the brewery's specific challenges. Empowering drivers and pub managers to scan kegs at various stages of the distribution process, Kegshoe provided end-to-end visibility. This newfound transparency allowed La Rana Dorada to mitigate losses, optimize distribution routes, and maintain tighter control over their inventory.

Team Integration & Daily Operations

La Rana Dorada's team adapted to new routines and habits. Daily scanning routines became second nature, and the speed and simplicity of the Kegshoe platform facilitated seamless integration into day-to-day operations. From production and logistics to sales and management, La Rana Dorada ensured that every team member played a role in maximizing operational efficiency and maintaining inventory accuracy.

Success with Kegshoe

One of the standout features of Kegshoe for La Rana Dorada was its ability to generate insightful reports. Analyzing data on keg movements and aging, the brewery could identify areas for improvement and make informed decisions to optimize their distribution strategy. Kegshoe reports served as a great tool for La Rana Dorada to visit clients, analyze consumption patterns, and pinpoint areas where beer sales were sluggish. By leveraging these reports, they could make strategic commercial decisions to boost sales and maximize profitability, ultimately enhancing their overall business performance. This newfound visibility allowed them to ensure the freshness and quality of their products—an essential factor in maintaining customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Kegshoe's affordability and exceptional customer service have made it a game-changer for La Rana Dorada. Despite the common issue of expensive inventory management software, Kegshoe has proven to be a cost-effective solution that delights users across their network of breweries in Latin America.

Sometimes inventory management softwares are too expensive. So management won't see what it's really bringing to the table, but Kegshoe has been awesome. Everybody's happy with it. You have a great customer service and you always answer very quickly. - Diego Lillo, La Rana Dorada

Favourite Feature Highlight: Quick Scanning

La Rana Dorada's favourite is the quick and easy scanning functionality. The ability to scan kegs effortlessly has streamlined their inventory management process, allowing them to perform daily checks with minimal time and effort. This simplicity has translated into increased productivity and accuracy, making the scanning feature indispensable for their operations.

The quickness that we can scan is key. It's very quick! It makes it easy for everyone to do, the app is really easy to use and that’s huge for us. - Diego Lillo, La Rana Dorada

La Rana Dorada: Brewing Good Fortune & Conservation

The significance of the brewery name "La Rana Dorada," which translates to "The Golden Frog," holds deep cultural and ecological significance for Panama. The golden frog is not only a symbol of good luck but also an emblem of the country's rich biodiversity. Unfortunately, the species is now endangered due to habitat loss and a deadly fungus threatening its existence.

In response, La Rana Dorada brewery has taken a proactive approach by supporting conservation efforts. They contribute a portion of proceeds from each can sold to conservation programs and collaborate with esteemed institutions like the Smithsonian Museum. Making the golden frog a central theme of their brand, La Rana Dorada demonstrates a commitment to environmental responsibility while honouring Panama's cultural roots through art and advocacy for wildlife preservation.

If you find yourself in Panama, be sure to visit La Rana Dorada Cervecería, one of the pioneer breweries in Panama and support their incredible operations!

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