Kegshoe + Binary smart keg tracking

5G connectivity. Coast-to-coast.

See real-time location, temperature, movement, and tapped status with nationwide connectivity — including in warehouses and cellars.

Easy installation. Weld-free.

Install in seconds, without requiring soldering or damaging your keg. Once installed, the sensor is theft-resistant and tamper-proof.

Certified: Built to last.

IP69K certified, KegLink withstands all the temperatures and pressures a keg goes through — all with a serviceable 5+ year battery life.

KegLink smart sensor

Real-time location tracking

Say goodbye to lost kegs.

Gain real-time visibility over your kegs’ locations: whether they’re on-site, in transit, or at a customer.

Reduce or eliminate keg loss, saving you on replacement costs and ensuring you always have fill capacity when and where it's needed. Plus, with GPS-precision, keg recovery is a breeze.

On-premise sales data

On-tap, off-tap. On point.

Your keg is your new sales companion: Gain valuable insights into how your kegs are being stored, handled, and sold.

Whether you self-distribute or use a third-party distributor, receive instant updates on when a keg arrives at a customer, and when it is tapped or untapped.

Leverage first-party sales data at scale for accurate forecasting, automate replenishment, and discover regional trends to help empower your sales team.

Smart Keg on-tap sensor
Kegs in third-party distribution storage

Distribution insights

Finally: Unparalleled transparency.

Embrace any distribution system with confidence. Get a real-time view into your product’s journey, even when it’s in the hands of third-party distributors.

Improve compliance and accountability with distributors, wholesalers, and accounts. With KegLink, you’ll know exactly when your kegs are delivered, how they’re stored, and any temperature changes that might impact product quality.

Sustainable keg logistics

Last Mile and Reverse Logistics. Optimized.

Track key KPIs and optimize your logistics operations by uncovering bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and excessive dwell times — with hands-free track and trace.

Make your keg operations more sustainable with reduced spoilage, minimized asset loss, and optimized route-optimization based on live keg data.

Sustainable keg logistics

From smart data to smart decisions.

Powered on technology trusted worldwide by breweries, distributors, wineries, roasters, cideries

Reimagine what your kegs can do.

Automated keg pick-up notifications; tank-to-glass quality traceability; draught sales insights and forecasting with consumption tracking; minimized keg deposits with live location, improved sustainability with waste reduction, and more.

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Now available in the United States, Canada, and internationally.

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