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Kegshoe Partners Program

Kegshoe Launches Partners Program, ERP integrations with leading brewery management systems

By Kegshoe Press on May 15, 2023

TORONTO, ON — Kegshoe is excited to announce the launch of its Kegshoe Partners program, connecting Kegshoe customers with the industry's leading software providers, keg suppliers, and more.

As part of the program, Kegshoe has partnered with leading brewery management systems such as Beer30 to develop seamless integrations with Kegshoe Keg Tracking. These upcoming integrations will simplify shared workflows, expand keg tracking functionality, and enable full compatibility with the recently launched smart keg sensors.

Breweries and beverage producers will also benefit from Kegshoe's network of trusted keg suppliers, with exclusive offers for breweries looking to purchase Kegshoe-compatible kegs in North America and globally.

"Our mission at Kegshoe has always been to provide the best keg tracking and management solutions to the beverage industry," said Adrian Pawliszko, CEO of Kegshoe. "The Kegshoe Partners program is an initiative to foster a collaborative ecosystem within the beverage industry. We are excited about the potential these partnerships hold for our customers and those of our partners'."

For more information about the Kegshoe Partners program, visit

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Since launching in 2016, Kegshoe has grown to track hundreds of thousands of kegs in over thirty countries around the world.

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